Size: 33 cm  X  22 cm  (13 inch  X  8.5 inch)

The Broken Reflections series made of reflective stainless steel plays a hypnotizing mind game. The wrinkled reflective surface adapts its surrounding and brakes down the reflections in to liquid like ripples.

The centerpiece is applied with a layer of natural cork, resulting in a contrast of color and material.

Small rectangle Broken Reflections Bowl

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  • Broken Reflections series is made out of stainless steel which doesn't oxidize and isn't harmed by water.
    Grease marks from your hand will remain on the surface if touched.
    In order to clean the grease marks without scratching the surface, first
    rinse the product under running water with soap using your clean bare
    hands (Do not use any abrasive cleaning pad), shake off access water
    and wipe gently using a gentle fiber cloth (as used for cleaning eye

    Leave the bowl to dry.

  • Product will ship within 2-3 weeks from day of order.

    All items should arrive at their destination well before Santa is due.